HauteCapture 2.0

Capture screens from your Windows Mobile device


  • One-click grabbing
  • Live capture mode


  • No editing tools
  • Lack of options
  • Quite slow

Not bad

Most of us could do with a screen capture tool in our lives, as they allow you to record what's going on on your computer, making it easy to explain to friends, tech support guys or even to yourself in the future.

But what do you do if you want to snap what's happening on your Windows Mobile screen? Well, you simply install a program such as HauteCapture. Let me point out first that I don't tolerate lame puns in software names, but I'll forgive this one as the software proves to be pretty functional.

The app is a breeze to set up. You just need to install it on your PC and connect your device up using ActiveSync. HauteCapture then quickly detects the handset and installs some software components onto it.

Once the program is all linked up and running it's pretty easy to use. You simply hit the 'Capture' button and it will take a grab of whatever is on your mobile screen and display it in the main window. You can then commit this to your PC by choosing 'Save' from the toolbar.

I also liked the 'Live' mode in the program, which displays exactly what you're doing in Windows Mobile inside HauteCapture's main window, changing as you use your mobile. Again, you can record any screen by clicking 'Capture'. Your captures can then be viewed either in full-screen or thumbnail view.

Unfortunately that's about as far as HauteCapture goes. There are no editing features for cropping or polishing your grabs and the program settings are quite limited. In fact the only thing you can really change is the file format to save to, and even then, there are only four choices. What's more, I found the program ran a little slowly, especially in Live mode and this can quickly become annoying.

However, if you want a simple, no-nonsense way of capturing screens from your mobile, HauteCapture does the job effectively.

HauteCapture supports the following formats


HauteCapture runs on your PC and captures screens from any attached Windows CE or Windows Mobile device. HauteCapture makes screen capturing easy: all you need is an ActiveSync connection between your PC and the device.

Captured screens are where you need them - on your PC: either store the screen captures in the file system or use drag-and-drop or copy/paste to put a copy in your preferred application for further processing (word processor, HTML editor, email client, etc.) Do presentations using the "Live Mode" with its continuous screen capturing.



HauteCapture 2.0

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